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Bread & Branston Pickle butter (ve)/(v)  4

Olives (ve)  3.5

Buffalo mozzarella, Sardinian olive oil (v)  6.5

Padron peppers (ve) 5.5

Charcuterie plate  6


King oyster mushrooms, Roscoff onions, pine mayo (ve)  9

Green tomato carpaccio, tigers milk, grapes, jalapeño (ve)  8

Hispi cabbage, miso peppercorn sauce (ve)  6.5 

Buffalo squash & tallegio flatbread, olive (v) 8.5

King prawns, white wine, garlic butter  11

Confit skate, shoestring fries, bone marrow & parsley sauce  11

Beef tartare, beetroot ponzu, egg yolk  11

Charred Cajun pork, chorizo, sweet corn salsa  12


Baked & fried potatoes, smoked paprika aioli (ve)  5

Charred broccoli, smoked yoghurt, hazelnuts (v)  5



Chocolate ganache, hazelnut cream (ve)  6.5

Sticky glazed pineapple, mascarpone, brown butter crumb (v)  6.5

Miso caramel affogato (v)  4